Bob Dorough DUETS

  Bob Dorough-
(COTAJazz Music)

  Trisha O'Keefe -
"Star Burns Brightest"
(Maggie Sez Music)

Nellie McKay

Nellie McKay -
"Obligatory Villagers"

"Small Day Tomorrow" "Cryin' Shame" "Identity Theft"

Heather Masse - Bird Song

 Heather Masse -
"Bird Song"
(Red House Records)

 Phil Woods - "This is How I Feel About Quincy"
(Jazzed Media)

Bob Dorough -
"Too Much Coffee Man"
(Blue Note)

"Over The Mountain" "The Quintessence" "Oklahoma Toad"

 Steve Smith, Dave Liebman, Aydin Esen, Anthony Jackson 
(Tone Center)

John Coates, Jr. - "The Reasons For Christmas Project"
(PATH Records)

The Steve Rudolph Trio, featuring J.D. Walter - "Dedicated To You"
(PACT Records)

"The Gentle Warrior" "Silent Night" "Evidently Embraceable"