About Us


The facility was designed and built from the ground up, and is constantly undergoing updates and changes. Change is good!

The studio features a large, great sounding room, with several iso rooms, all with good sight lines to each other. Keyboard players appreciate the well-maintained Yamaha C-7F 7' 6" grand piano and the classic Hammond B-3.

Every style of music has been recorded at Red Rock, from jazz, to hard rock to hip-hop, classical, country, big band and string and woodwind ensembles, opera, blues, children's music, contemporary pop, jingles, and voice-overs.

In business for over 30 years, things tend to go quickly and smoothly at Red Rock - so you may have some time to enjoy the great surroundings, or just complete your project on time and on budget.

We also offer in-house CD duplicating, and location recording.

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Here at Red Rock Recording Studio you will find a peaceful and artistic environment to create your music. We've got great gear and we know how to use it.