From The New York City Jazz Record (publication) April 2019 review of Jim Snidero's Waves of Calm - Given Snidero's peroccupation and achievement with instrumental tone, he needs to record in the best studios. The problem is that the great studios, like Systems Two and Bennett, keep going out of business. One still defying the odds is Red Rock Recording, in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. Engineer Kent Heckman captures all the instruments with fullness and clarity.

I have done all of my quintet, duo, big band and little big band recording projects at Red Rock studios for 15 years. Why? Because they are the best and you can always get a parking place.
- Phil Woods (Grammy winning jazz legend)
Recording my album at Red Rock was the best studio recording experience I've ever had. Kent and Lois bring a warm and comfortable energy to the space that makes you feel right at home. Between the great espresso, and the sweetest Springer Spaniels you'll ever meet, I didn't ever want to leave!! The space itself is beautiful, open, and bright and Kent's ears and facility behind the board are irreplaceable. I will go back to record at Red Rock in a heartbeat.
- Heather Masse (singer/songwriter, Prairie Home Companion, member of The Wailin' Jennys)
I've had the pleasure of working at Red Rock and let me tell you, if you want a studio that is comfortable, warm, and downright beautiful; and where the equipment is up-to-date and ready-to-run, and where the engineer, Kent Heckman, qualifies as one of the most heads-up, adept, adroit, and savvy recordists to be found anywhere, just pick up the phone and book it. You won't regret it.
- Bob Dorough (pianist,vocalist, songwriter, School House Rock)
I have done dozens of recordings at Red Rock since 1990 constituting a large part of my recorded repertoire in all the kinds of musical idioms I enjoy. As a person, Kent is one of the most mild mannered human beings I have known, a definite plus when you may be spending fifteen hours editing!! He never loses it and is constantly upgrading the equipment and environment in the studio itself. Combine a day in the country in a pleasant atmosphere with a true professional, close to New York and you have Red Rock.
- David Liebman (acclaimed sax player and jazz educator)
Beautiful sound, lovely people, and it's protected by a gargoyle. If your city is ever destroyed - come here!
- Galactic (New Orleans funk jam-band)
We have been recording at Red Rock for over 20 years. We come back, and will continue to come back, for many reasons, including:
  • The sound. That's why you go to a particular studio, right?
  • The equipment. They keep adding equipment that makes us more efficient in the studio and allows us to get more done in less time.
  • The piano. It's rare to find a piano in a studio these days, much less one as good as the one at Red Rock.

We'll be back again next year. And the year after that...
- Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse, Alfred Publishing Co.

Ever since my first recording experience at Red Rock, I'm now on my 6th, with a beautiful visual space, personal mixers for everyone, isolation with eye contact and state of the art equipment, I wouldn't think about recording any serious project anywhere else.
- Steve Giordano (Philadelphia jazz guitarist)
Red Rock has been a trusted home for me to record for over 15 years. The evolution and upkeep have made Red Rock a 1st class place to camp out and record and mix a project from beginning to end. Kent's relaxed manner and the inventing nature of the studio are a winning combination. I have recorded on over 40 recordings at Red Rock and my group 'The Medicine Show' recorded and mixed our CD there and I'm in love with that sound.
- Jamey Haddad (world percussionist, Paul Simon, others)
My best studio music making has been at Red Rock. The piano is beautifully maintained and the professional but relaxed atmosphere enables the spirit of the music to shine. Highly recommended.
- Steve Rudolph (pianist)
The vibe at Red Rock is wonderful for creativity. It's got an ambiance and charm that induces an idyllic harmony and comfort between the musicians, producers, and engineers, and the resulting recorded sound is always warm and natural. What more could you ask for in a studio?
- David Santos (bass player, John Fogerty, Billy Joel, Neville Brothers, others)
If you want great sound, great ambient, hip and contempo surroundings in a laid back country setting, Red Rock is the studio for you. Check out the site for the specs and gear. and you'll be impressed. Kent Heckman is one of the best and most efficient engineers in the business. You'll get bang for your buck and have a swinging time!
- Phil Markowitz (jazz pianist)
From 1979 to 1989 I made all of my recordings in New York City at studios like Media Sound, Skyline Studios and The Power Station. I went to the Poconos to record a band in the fall of 1989 and have been tracking and recording there ever since. I know of no other studio with a room, gear and vibe like Red Rock - anywhere! The beautiful surroundings coupled with the extremely professional work space make for an incredible recording experience. And it's all about the experience.
- Benjy King (Rock producer, keyboard player)